An attempt to write the never-ending, ever-changing play…


Scene one

As the audience gathers actors mingle with them. Giving them little things and, asking them to keep it with them.

1. A candle

2. A small stone


Scene two

General lights.  We see a table

On the table, a stand with a candle in it. A box of matches lies next to it.

Man walks in. Looks at the candle. Lights begin to dim.

In the fading light we see him pick up the box of matches.


The match is struck, the candle is lit. Woman lights the candle.

Woman withdraws.

General lights.

Man walks in. Looks at the candle. Blows it out

Sudden blackout.

Scene three

Woman has replaced Man. She strikes a match…looks around. Blows out the flame when it almost burns her finger. Strikes another match. Steps among the audience.

This process continues till the candle emerges from the audience member/s.

Woman lights the candle with a fresh matchstick. Simultaneously Man lights candle on table.

Woman and Man withdraw.

Lights fade in slowly.

Scene four


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