People say that is a stupid thing to do when they feel that they could have done otherwise and somehow believe that having done otherwise they would have achieved better results but the funny thing is that they did not do anything they just said that is a stupid thing to do sometimes i feel stupid wonder where that feeling comes from perhaps from the sum of all conditioning that i have been put through perhaps from my own need to appear not stupid perhaps from my fear of being categorised castigated cast away in a nutshell belong suddenly to a group that i do not want to belong i wish there was no such group so one would not feel compelled not to belong but what happens if it is actually a stupid thing to do like falling in love with a rapist or sending my child to a known paedophile who can then say that is not a stupid thing is writing this letter to you a stupid thing maybe in your wisdom you will be able to see sincerely yours stupid


About victoranish

A theatre worker living in Bangalore.
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