Psychedelic lights pierce the darkness with throbbing regularity.

Bodies, like worms agitated by the smell of deodorants succumbing to sweat.

Smoke hangs in the sour and pungent air like a viscous fluid.

Stubbornly resisting the flailing bodies.

A memory streaks past, too fast to be remembered.

It is silent…

lights Psychedelic pierce the throbbing darkness with regularity.

like worms agitated Bodies, by the smell of succumbing deodorants to sweat.

hangs in the sour Smoke and pungent viscous air like a fluid.

resisting the Stubbornly flailing bodies.

memory streaks past remembered, A too fast to be .

It is silent.

lights the Psychedelic pierce throbbing with darkness regularity.

like worms agitated by Bodies, of smell the succumbing to deodorants sweat.

in hangs sour the Smoke a pungent like viscous and air fluid.

resisting Stubbornly flailing the bodies.

past streaks be remembered to memory, too A fast.

It is silent.


About victoranish

A theatre worker living in Bangalore.
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